Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gretchen had tonsils and adenoids out and tubes put in.

On Monday, March 28, Gretchen was scheduled for surgery. She has failed 4 different hearing tests and got strep 3 times in a row. Poor baby! We arrived at the surgery center in the morning. She was all smiles as usual. She did everything they asked her to do with a smile. I swear we couldn't have a happier little girl. She is a sweet little blessing that we LOVE so much!!
We stayed with her until they took her back. They brought her out a bubble gum smelling mask and a balloon to play with and get use to. She practiced blowing it up. They took her back after we gave her hugs and kisses and tell her we loved her.
She was in surgery for 30min. After 45min. they came and got us. She was very groggy and tossing back and forth. I couldn't get her to talk or acknowledge my questions. She only wanted to hug me and not let go. I was glad to do that, just wishing I could take her pain away. I hate seeing my babies in such pain.
We were then moved to the recliners. When Franklin sat down to hold her, she begged to go home, that's all she wanted. We had to stay 2hrs. to make sure she wasn't bleeding too much into her stomach. Once she settled back in my arms, she fell asleep. She slept for just about the rest of the time and when she woke up she was in a much better "Gretchen" mood. She was a little smiley and asking for popsicles. The nurses liked her so much they brought her TWO!! We have a tough little cookie. It was a tough night with her, she was in pain, thinking she was going to throw up and sweating like crazy...soaked through her clothes and sheets. I made a new comfy bed for her on the floor in my room with a down comforter. I laid with her
until was able to fall asleep, which was a few hours. She woke up in the morning feeling a little better.

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