Thursday, October 20, 2011

What are you Thankful for?

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Today I am thankful for God’s grace.  None of deserve it, but he gives it to us anyway…we just have to be willing to accept it. 
Haven’t you ever been given a gift that you didn’t deserve?  It was given to you out of love.   That’s what God does; He gives us grace because of his love for us. 
Like that gift, it’s not something you earn.  You can’t earn God’s grace by doing good works or just being “a good guy/girl”.  You have to believe in Jesus Christ and know that he died to save us.  I know that I could not possibly do everything I need to do each day without the strength God’s grace.  I am faced with difficult situations and I turn to God knowing he will lead my heart and give me the words.  God’s grace is wonderful and awesome! 
I need to remember that God has shared his grace with me and I need to share it with others around me.  What good is it otherwise?! 
And because of God's grace I am able to have an amazing, loving family who I cherish to pieces!!
4 of the brightest lights in my life!!!

Leads me to this:

You are saved by God’s grace because of your faith. This salvation is God’s gift. It’s not something you possessed.
Ephesians 2:8 (CEB)


Megan @ Inspired by Fiction said...

Amen! Where would we be without His Grace! Thank you Lord!!

Lisa Maria said...

Hi Bridget.. nice to meet you! Thanks for visiting my blog.. funny isn't it? We both sort of wrote on the same topic. I don't think we could ever say enough about His Grace. Great post!

God bless!

Bridget said...

It's awesome what God puts on our hearts!!! Nice to meet you too!!! :)

Melanie said...

Undeserving gifts are hard to accept for me. I work each day on accepting the unconditional love and grace of God. Thank you for the lovely reminder : )

Misty said...

His grace is amazing! Each day He teaches me a little bit more about His grace.. He is amazing. By the way your girls are beautiful. Have a blessed weekend.

Whidbey Woman said...

What an amazing gift grace is! A great thing to write about for Thankful Thursday :0

Profile said...

What a beautiful post.... grace. I can't get my mind around what it all means.

Awesome post. Happy TT. See you again this week. Hugs,