Friday, January 6, 2012

A Great way to think about keeping Goals for 2012

Making resolutions that actually stick! Read through...very insightful!

Love this part...I am going to start trying to set clock 2 min. earlier each morning, because I hate waking up before 7am!  Hate it, hate it, hate it!!!  Love the weight loss goal too!!

I am going to use my sister and my BFF as my accountability people.  (and whoever wants to check in with me would be helpful as well)

So, my big goals for the year are:

  • lose 30lbs.  once and for all, 5lbs. a month is a good target
  • be more encouraging, not discouraging
  • get our trademark going, Ag Life, stickers, hats, shirts
  • make and perfect at least 6 kinds of soap for sales
  • clean out kitchen and simplify it
  • run 1/2 marathon November in St. Petersburg at my lowest weight in a long time
  • make a calendar for print with Judy for 2013.  (we can do this)
  • make 2 new healthy dishes a month to add to our favorites list
  • be more in His word everyday
  • 16x40 pool or 5 acres!  (I know for fetched, but worth trying for)
"Failure is Impossible"
~Susan B. Anthony

"1. Kaizen—baby steps, baby.

As I mention in project 47 of One Bitekaizen is a Japanese word that means very small, continuous change. It’s little drips of water that fill a bucket over a long period of time, not a firehose in a few minutes.
What does it have to do with reaching goals? It’s easiest to see kaizen in action with the goal to wake up earlier:
First, set your alarm for one hour earlier tomorrow morning, and see how you feel. Not so great, perhaps.
Now, set your alarm for two minutes earlier, and see how you feel. Probably exactly the same as your normal morning. Now set it two minutes earlier the next day—you’re now waking up four minutes earlier than usual. I’d wager you’re doing fine.
Rinse and repeat for a solid month—in 30 days, you’re waking up an hour earlier, and it probably wasn’t terribly painful. That’s kaizen.
You can apply the kaizen approach to anything—start with a one-item morning routine and do that for a week. Then add two. Then three. In five weeks, you’ve got a lovely little routine of five things every morning. Nice.
Want to lose a lot of weight? Don’t aim for 100 pounds in 365 days. Go for five pounds in 30 days."


Bridget said...

I am counting calories, 1200 a day! So, that's a start!!!

Java Jogger said...

Great goals! And great ways to achieve them!

Anonymous said...

This is great! Thanks for sharing:)