Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Don't Copy the behavior of the world...

I recently bought a new devotional study that a good friend recommended.  Jesus Calling (Thanks Jenna)  It has the perfect words for me to read over my coffee each morning.  It doesn’t take long, but it’s always the right words for me on that day! 
Today is no different….one of the verses above.  It kind of relates to the Proverbs 31 woman things I have been reading.  You read that and think, “How can I ever measure up to her?”  This was written about one woman, not many.  We don’t have to measure up to each and every one of those standards though.  Unless our pursuit is for Him, then we can’t accomplish anything and still honor him. 
Am I living for God or living from Him. I can try to each of those things mentioned on my own willpower but it wouldn’t be unto God and that defeats the purpose.  Keep in mind that Proverbs 31 is an acrostic poem; from verse 10, each line begins with the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet. http://www.bible-researcher.com/acrostics.html  (it is said that a mother wrote this for her son, her desire for him). It is not a set of rules to follow.  Not everything written in the Bible should be literally, certainly in the books of wisdom.  It’s more of a learn by example.  Our focus should be on God and making our relationship with Him intentional and real.
With that I take a breathe of fresh air and know that God is in control and I just need to rely on Him and ask Him to help guide me by putting other Godly woman in my life, so we compliment each other.  I can learn so much from her wisdom.  (Thanks to those woman) ;) We all have some of those qualities in us, who cares if it’s not all of them.  We are not perfect, only God is!

So, in Top Ten Tuesday fashion…We are all more precious than rubies, unique and created for our husband!

Top Ten things I can do try and be like the Proverbs 31 woman:
1.   Franklin can trust me to love him always! (even when we get on each other’s nerves)
2.  I will be a hard worker and strive to do my best.
3.   I like to help others.
4.  I don’t fear the fierce season changes here in Florida, haha!  I can buy my family warm clothes. J (Easy)
5.  I can laugh without fearing the future, b/c I know it’s in God’s hands. He knows all, and we just need to do the best we can while we have the time here.
6.   My husband does praise me all the time, even though I brush it off.  I need to stop that and learn to say “thank you Honey!”
7.   I do fear the Lord, a respectful fear, not a judgmental fear.
8.  By a witness to those around me and share Jesus
9.  Give everything up to Jesus and follow Him, give it my all! (something I work on daily)
10. Be still and be in God's words, renewing my mind.

Lord, I will strive not to put idols before God, such as money, clothes, homes, etc.  I will be content knowing that God is in control and I will desire him, knowing he will keep me grounded from the idols of the world. Thank you for telling us we can’t be perfect, there is only one perfect one and that’s you.  Help me not to become lazy and conform to the “normal” of the world.  I don’t want to just fit in, make my attention unto you. Show me what you want from me.

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