Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer Life

10 years strong!!

I started this last year and thought I would keep up with it, but I failed. I am trying again...hoping to stick with a monthly entry for now!

The summer started off with Franklin and I taking a week cruise in Alaska for our 10 year anniversary. It's amazing that we celebrated 10yrs. We've had our highs and lows, but we are still deeply in love and loving our life we've created together. I am so happy I married my best friend and look forward to celebrating many years together. He is an amazing Daddy and even more amazing husband. He's a HARD worker and makes sure we are taken care of. I may not always agree with the way he thinks should be done or thought out, but that's okay...I still love him. We had an amazing vacation. All the things we wanted to see, we did! We got to see whales, eagles, seals, albatross, moose, and a bear off in the distance. All in all, it was an AWESOME vacation!!! We did miss the girls lots though. We also got to visit the city of Seattle, Pike's Market is really cool too~must visit!
Creek Street shops
Thumbs up from Franklin

My younger brother got married on July 10th and Evelyn was the flower girl in the wedding. She was so pretty, she was pretty shy, but had fun dancing at the wedding. I am so happy that Donald found such a wonderful woman, one that makes him laugh and that he chose to spend the rest of his life with. Especially since he always said he wasn't getting married until he was 80! She's from a great and fun family and we had a blast at the wedding. I was just sad my hubby couldn't be there to join me.
Handsome Groom and Beautiful Bride
My pretty little girl Evelyn
Sisters dancing!
Dancin', dancin'
Matt, Donald and Michael
Mom, me and Michael
Donald, Karen, me, Michael, and Christine

Life for us Howe Girls in the summer is a long one. Daddy goes to Illinois and does some crop dusting for corn and soybeans, the ironic thing is I am highly allergic to BOTH. (another story in itself) Anyway, we miss him dearly!
That's been really tough this summer, they miss him so much and I often watch their spirits drop just seeing his picture or talking about him. They need their Daddy around, even though he may not think they notice. I think next year we are certainly going to be looking for somewhere to stay while he's up there. I will be able to cook dinner for him and just give him the encouragement to make it through the day. He will probably get tired of us, but oh well. :)

Monday, after the wedding I flew out to see my schmoopy and Mabel and Evelyn flew up with Michael and Grace to spend some time with them. We weren't sure how long it was going to last so I only purchased a one way ticket. I really enjoyed my visit with Franklin and always feel so welcomed when I go up there. I love going to McLean, Illinois. It is such a beautiful place to go, so peaceful and relaxing. I love watching the wind dance across the corn and just walking around. It's fun to go somewhere different and look for things to take pictures of. There's a barn right down the road from where Franklin works and every year I go there to admire it and take pictures. It's nothing fabulous, but I want one so bad. (I want a barn and acreage to raise our girls on) maybe one day...not throwing that one away! Maybe one day in the future soon! :) Anyway, I enjoyed getting to watch my baby fly and do his thing...he makes me so proud!!! I always watch in amazement him taking off and landing, never gets old! I also enjoy visiting the other guys he works with, they are a great group of guys!! God has blessed Franklin with such a good group of people to have the opportunity to work for and with.
Here's my man!!!
Stormy skies rolling in
Spraying soybeans
My favorite barn <3 it!
Another barn in the cornfield

I then flew from Bloomington to Philly to pick up my babies. I missed them already and was ready to bring them home with me. I got to meet my newest niece, Molly! She's adorable and such a wonderful baby! Michael and Jeannette have been blessed again with a perfect baby! She doesn't cry much and she loved her Aunt Bridget :) Evelyn took to her...she constantly wanted to hold her, she will make a good Mommy one day, far, far, far, far, far, FAR in the future!!!

We've been home this week and I have been working on my projects. I always have things to do when Franklin leaves and surprise him when he gets home. It's nothing crazy this year, a little paint, bedroom redo's for the girls and organizing! He will love that he didn't have to do any of it! :0 I have a few things left to finish...but it will happen!
Now, I need to figure out how to add bare with me!


Jenna said...

Awesome Bridget! It's so great to read your words to go along with your beautiful pictures. You and Franklin have created an amazing life for your girls and you are so inspiring! Let's get together again soon :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome Vacation Trip! You both deserved it!