Sunday, July 25, 2010

Evelyn's future dreams

Ok...I know, I know two posts in one month. I just had to get this down to remember it and bring it back up years down the road.
She has decided that when she gets older and is married that she's going to have a farm with a paint horse that I can can come ride. She's going to have 2 dogs, but will put them away when I come over so I don't get itchy. (I have a mild allergy to dog hair, she doesn't forget...too funny) Anyway, she going to have a pool and she wants me to come over everyday to swim with her and her kids. When I asked her how many grand kids I would have, she said 3...2 girls and 1 boy. She already has the names picked out whoever her husband is! You might not have much of a say so! (sorry in advance)
If you were wondering, her girls names are Bridget, lovely name if I do say so myself, Ashley and her son will be Bobby! I told her I might not be able to come over everyday and she might not want me to come over everyday, she then preceded to tell me not Tuesday's though...that will be shopping day. I asked where she would be shopping and she said "you know Mommy, all over, the places that Mommy's shop!" She was so matter of fact about it too.
I tried to maintain a serious face, but couldn't help but smile.
She's so sweet and innocent! Love that about her!!
Her Daddy on the other end is worried, causing him more gray hairs by the year!!!

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