Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Best Husband Ever!!

As you all know Franklin was gone for 5 weeks this summer spraying corn and beans. I did get to visit him, which was awesome. I love going up there to visit, it's so beautiful and peaceful. Nothing is fast paced, for me anyway. :)

I don't know what came over him or how it came about, but he said something that I would of never expected out of his lips. He told me, while I was slaving over dinner tonight, (black beans, rice and chicken, haha) that I needed to book a weekend getaway for myself as a sign of his appreciation of me being a "single" Mom this summer! I was floored that he has made this offer to me. Of course there are some restrictions, I have to go before the end of the month and I have to enjoy myself. What a swell guy, I think I can live with those. :)

Now, any of you that know him, know that this is not something Franklin would typically suggest...him alone with all 4 of our lovely daughters. (Although I am quite sure, Grandma's might help him a little) I would like to believe that God put this wonderful suggestion in his heart and choose to speak those words to me. I don't want to know how it came about, but keep putting these great ideas into his head Lord. (psst...next I would like him to start looking at 5 acres with me) Just sayin' since you are listening...haha! I know God listens all the time and always answers our prayers, even though they may not always be yes! Sometimes it's "no" and other times it's a "not right now". I can appreciate that though.

Thank you Lord for giving me such a caring, loving husband. I fall in love with this man everyday more and more, some days more than others. ;)

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