Wednesday, August 25, 2010

School Days, School Days....


Well it's that time of year again, time to get back to a normal schedule of learning. Filling those brains with new things and soak it all in!
The girls are all attending school this year. Mabel starts the dreaded 3rd grade. FCAT year for her, but I know she will do great. I don't make a big deal about it, b/c it's STUPID. I hate that they have to teach to a test. What a waste of some great teacher creativity. Oh well, Mabel will do great!!! Plus, she has a great teacher, Mrs. Hudson, or (Aunt Raelyn) Raelyn is my sister in law, Jeannette's twin sister. I am super excited about that. Evelyn is starting 1st grade, she's excited this year. If you know Evelyn then you know this is a blessing, b/c she hated going to school last year. She's so shy! Her teacher is her intern teacher from last year, so that's a plus!

Gretchen is starting VPK this year, which mean one more y
ear and she's in Kindergarten, YIKES. Last, but not least, we are putting Vera in preschool 2 days a week at the same school with Gretchen! She's super excited to be going!

The girls all got new shoes, courtesy of Grandma. Franklin's Mom likes to buy them their shoes every year. She wants them wearing good shoes for their growing feet. I at least take them to Rack Room shoes to get buy 1, get one 1/2 off. Try to save her some money! They all picked out their favorites, ones Mommy probably wouldn't have bought, but whatever Grandma says is what goes then. Mommy doesn't get much say there. Oh well, it's okay!
The first day of school the girls were up and ready, they were excited to go back and see their friends. They had their new backpacks and a couple new items of clothing, not much since they are on uniform. Mabel and Evelyn joined up with their cousins Aubrey and Julia at the bus stop and the chatter began! It's fun to watch them get all excited about new kids in their class and who they will sit next to.

Gretchen has a new teacher this year too. Ms. Bonnie. Gretchen is going to have adjust as to not being the center of attention like she was last year with Ms. Natalie. She loves Ms. Natalie and will still get to see her 2 afternoons a week, so it's all good. Gretchen's routine for class in the morning is put her zebra in the jungle, put away lunch box and sign her name in. She's growing up so fast.

Vera started the next day and was super excited!! She didn't hesitate saying good-bye! She was ready! She put her lunch box away, gave me a hug and gave Gretchen a hug and see ya later alligator. She's adjusted well to it already! She will always be my baby and I am happy to see her growing into a little girl but can we just pause for a little while....geez! Way to make a Mama weep!

Also, on the first back to school for the older girls was Mabel's 8th birthday! She's the one kid excited to start school on her birthday. Of course Mommy made it special and brought in cupcakes and cookies for the class. She was thrilled and the kids loved it. Mrs. Hudson was awesome for letting me do this on the first day back to school. Kudos to her!!

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