Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Some days you just gotta play in the rain!

And that's just what I let the girls do on this warm August afternoon after school! They had been out playing with the neighbor, Matthew. It started raining and they ran in and asked if they could stay outside playing in the rain. My first thought was their father is going to kill me, but yes! It's not thundering or lighting. What harm could it do, they had their shoes on,right ;), and it wasn't cold by any means. I think it was just refreshing for them!!

Mabel and Gretchen sharing the red umbrella, and Matthew and Evelyn sharing the black one. Matthew was being such a gentleman and even holding the umbrella for Evelyn. (I think she eats that up)
Gotta ask Mom if they can go back over to Matthew's and get the stuff that they "accidently" left over there.
They begged and pleaded with me and promised they would be careful. Secertly did they know I was enjoying watching them dance around in the rain being kids!
Who needs umbrellas right, it's just a little rain. Plus, they think they are getting away with something. :) Shhh! Just don't tell Daddy!
Mabel tromping around in no shoes. ;) The water was rushing out of the culvert. The only concern I had at this point was snakes. They were more obessed with the amount of water coming out and all the leaves. Evelyn says, "Don't worry Mommy, Matthew has our pink bat to get the snakes."
After dancing in the rain, I had them come in take showers, put on a movie and made them popcorn! They thought I was the best!!! ;)

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