Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mabel's 8th Birthday Party

It's hard to believe that our oldest is 8! Man, where does time go? Mabel never asks for anything frilly and out of the ordinary, which is a trait I think kids of big families learn. She was totally fine with having some friends and family over to help celebrate the day she blessed our lives. It seems like only yesterday that I gave birth to her. (I'm all teary eyed just thinking about it) Just something about having your first baby that you never forget. Labor was long...long...long! She was due on Aug. 12, but decided after me being induced 3 times that she would arrive when she was good and ready on Aug. 23, during my All My Children hour. :) I guess that's why she's my TV head! Even though it was painful and so long, I would go back and relive it in a heartbeat. I miss her being my little baby.
Now, don't get me wrong, she's still my baby, but she's getting too big. I believe she will pass me in height one day soon, I think they all will...well maybe not Evelyn. She's my peanut! Anyway, I am not ready for her to grow up so quickly. I wish they had remotes for children, just so I could pause, rewind and yes sometimes even fast forward.

Mabel had a great day with all her friends and family! Here's some pictures to share!

Vera had to get ready to celebrate Mabel's birthday in the proper dress first, princess attire is a must for a party!
The kids all gathered around to sing "Happy Birthday" to Mabel. In the picture we have GraceHulen, Vera, Evelyn, Gretchen, Gracie Smith, Megan Wilkinson, and Gracie's brother Colton.
Of course now that Vera understands birthday's she feels the need to help Mabel blow out the candles, which apparently so do Grace and Evelyn! That's okay, Mabel is a sweetie and doesn't mind sharing!
Mabel really enjoys Grandma Howe's carrot cake, just like her Mama. It's what I ask for every birthday! She makes the BEST ever!!! I need to get the recipe, although I don't mind her making it for us! ;)
She got some great presents! She loved this kitty combo. She attached the key chain version to her book bag right away!

Gracie Smith giving Vera a ride on the little car, probably for the 15th time in the day! Vera loves being spoiled by the older girls.
Daddy enjoying his plate of food! He just loves me taking pictures of him!
Her silly sisters wishing her a Happy Birthday! These little girls LOVE their big sister more than you could imagine. I hope she realizes how special she is to them. I look forward to the years of them being super close and calling each other everyday...a Mama can pray this happens, right!

Of course her official "birthday" I had to make her a cake too! My brother told kids and says my girls are really older than they really are, b/c I have a party day and then another celebration on their actual birthday. I am Mom, I can't help it. I gave birth to these girls and want to celebrate each precious memory with them!

She requested a horseshoe cake that was blue with chocolate icing. I made it all from scratch and it went over well!

Daddy likes to pick out something especially from him for his girls, so this year he choose a paper airplane book for Mabel. They spent the evening making airplanes and seeing who's went the farthest. I loved hearing them laugh and having fun!
She was really excited about some new books to read!

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