Friday, September 10, 2010

Update on our lives...

Things have been say the least.
I still believe I have one of the best husbands. He did send me away for a weekend to Melbourne. I had a fabulous time. My girlfriend, Monica, got to come and enjoy the night away with me. We did absolutely nothing and it was wonderful!! Of course we threw some shopping in there, but we're women what do you expect, seriously we were driving right by the Vero Outlets, the van knew right where to turn! It was on auto pilot at that point. Monica found lots of great bargains, me on the other hand struck out. But that's okay, it's still fun to look around and talk.The main reason I really didn't find anything was because during that week leading up to the trip I had went for a consultation with Dr. Giles (who is the man)! It's nothing something I like to broadcast, but I have hated my upper chest area, okay boobs! After having 4 babies and nursing all of them, they were not where they needed to be. So, after 1hr. of contemplating I decided to dive in and do it right away since Franklin was still off of work for another 2 weeks. I wanted to save any of my clothing purchasing for after the surgery. Haha!!

Anyway, back to my weekend. We got to the hotel, Doubletree, and upon check-in they gave us 2 hot chocolate chip cookies, yummy! Then we went to our room and dropped off our bags and headed to the beach. I brought beach chairs, well Franklin sweetly packed them for us, and we set up on the beach for the next 5hrs. Although, first we stopped and got a frosty drink, which was yummy! We set up the umbrella and chilled out. We chit chatted the whole time, solving all the world problems, you know like woman do. ;) The beach was beautiful and the weather was perfect. We had a nice dinner and then chilled out on our balcony watching a disco man dancing the evening away below us. It was quite entertaining. The next day we had a nice "Sunday" drive home along A1A. It was nice, we hit a few little touristy shops for trinkets for the kiddos and stopped at a couple state parks too. I finished off the weekend with a stop by PAGrill for my sweetie pie. I brought home dinner and he was thrilled. Thanks to Monica for going with me on a much needed R&R weekend! As Mom's we deserve it!!

Tuesday morning came along day! I was set for surgery at 9:00am. Franklin dropped me off and ran some errands and was back with me when I was moved to my room. I slept most of the afternoon away. When I woke up I was anxious to see. Although I was wrapped up I could tell a big difference already. I had at the best 24hr. nurse. She was a lovely woman! We talked about things from the Bible and ways of the world. I think she made my night more enjoyable.

The next morning Franklin came to get me and bring me home. My very special mother in law, took Gretchen and Vera for us to help out. She's an amazing woman and helps us out so much. She's recently retired, so that's a plus.
Anyway 1.5wk. later and things get better everyday. The doctor says I am healing nicely. I feel much lighter, no back pain, no shoulder grooves it's great! Loving the lightness! I can't wait for 6mos. down the road! All in all I am glad I did it and would do it all over again!

One pic to show off new chest, no nudity, but just warning in case you are wondering why in the world I would put this on there. Big difference for me!!!

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