Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pumpkin Pickin' Florida Style

As I have enjoyed looking at everyone up North's fall pictures, I have to realize that here in South Florida we just don't have that. (I wish we did) So, this is the Florida version of pumpkin picking. They put a bunch of pumpkins out on pallets and let the kids wander through the rows with wagons, picking just the perfect one for them. This is done at one of our local churches and they do a great job. They set up hay bales and have decorations and even piles of hay for the kids to play in.
Not, that I've have ever known anything different, but I do know what else is out there. I just wish my girls could experience all the fun stuff they talk about doing up North. You know what I am talking about. Those great festivals, craft fairs, carnivals, all the stuff they do that revolves around fall. Yes, I know some of you are going to say, well we have that here too...but I just don't think it's the same. It's not like the whole community gets involved and looks forward to getting together as neighbors like they do up North in small towns. You have your thoughts, I will keep mine. One day, maybe we will get to experience all that!

Anyway, we made the best of what we had! My little chickies posing for their shutterbug Mama!
Vera getting to ride the "little" big green tractor. There was a pink one too, but she wanted the "geen" one!
Look at all those beautiful fall colors. It seemed like there were so many shades of orange, they were pretty!
Vera posing with her little pumpkin. She was not going to let go of it! It was hers!
Now, getting them all to look and smile at the same time is pretty hard, you Mom's out there with 4 understand what I am talking about! So, 50% is not bad.
Good thing we had many hands on deck, b/c Vera was into exploring the pumpkin patch all be herself. Her newest thing is not wanting to hold your hand, b/c she says she's a "big gurl"! I got news for you honey, you will always be my baby! Holding Daddy's hand is the way to go!
Gretchen has a blast pulling Vera around in the wagon. She kept telling me how strong she was! Vera looks like the little princess back there. Although, don't call her a princess right now...she's Dora!
More pretty colors!
The only reason I took this picture is to ask WHY? do they have pumpkins like this. They give me the willies! I can't stand to look at them and don't ask me to touch them. It's a total texture thing. I usually like texture, but for some reason, I can't stomach this one!
Grandma even came to help us pick out the perfect pumpkin! Thank goodness she was there! The more eyes and hands on deck the better! Mabel and Grandma think they got the perfect one!
Here it is!
My silly little pumpkins!
It was a full moon too, that must explain all the craziness! No, really they were good and have so much fun. They didn't want to go!
Marching, marching with pumpkins on our heads! I think this how we carry them! Thank goodness no one dropped one! Heading back to the van with our pumpkins!

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