Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A day (or two or three, who's counting) in the life of the Howe's.

My hot hubby!! I try all the time to get his picture and he always turn around from me, well not this time. I caught him off guard. Yes, I know there is sunflare...I like it! He's such a good hubby and Daddy! I feel so blessed to share our lives together and have such amazing daughters, all healthy and strong! He's a hard worker and I admire his dedication and drive to be the best he can be! Kisses and Hugs! Love you Honey!!
Aw!! My 3 little monkey's in the bed! It started out with Evelyn "reading" a story to her little sisters. I was looking for them and thinking it's too quiet, you Mom's know what I mean by that, they are probably doing something they shouldn't be. Well turns out it was something sweet. I quietly walked away and grabbed my camera and snapped a couple pics before they saw me.
Well of course Vera needed her turn to read too! She's 2 you know!

HELLO!!! Meet Vera, oops I mean Dora! She has corrected us so many times to call her Dora and I of course am Boots! She is a goof ball!!

Gretchen was helping plant in the garden and got a little dirty to say the least. She had fun though! Franklin has a saying about this pose, all "8"
(ate) up! He uses it a lot when he's in Illinois. :)
What a filthy little kid, who's is she anyway...kidding! She's our little ham bone!

Last week we took a ride up to Viera Wetlands. I was hoping to get some really great pics with the golden hour going on, well needless to say they kicked everyone out right as it was starting. But a resident female snail kite has taken a liken to the area, furthest north one's been spotted. She was fun to watch and loved posing for all the cameras around!

Just a heron, but I liked the look of the image so I added it for you viewing pleasure! ha ha!

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