Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday

Dear Lord,
I’m the rule maker.
The one who makes them wash their hands 100x’s and eat their vegetables.
I am their teacher.
I say “NO”, a lot.
And sometimes, that is the right thing to say.
But what I really want to be, is the one who captures their hearts and turns them to You.
Who I really want to be, is a mom who has time to make cookies, play games, and read books all day long.
What I want to say more is, “Yes! Let’s have fun today. Let’s
forget the chores, they can wait”
And put aside my chores, my to-do list, my grown up things and enjoy this precious time I have with them.
Because tomorrow, they will be grown.
And I will not have a chance to do these things with them.
I’m not sure where this in Your Word exactly, but I know you are a God who loves relationship.
And You did make it a point to let the children come to you.Matthew 19:14 (NLT)
So, would you make me, this mom, a fun mom?
Let my children remember me:  Smiling. Chasing. Dreaming. And having fun with them.

After reading this prayer from Stacey @ Mod Squad, it brought tears to my eyes.  I was just pouring my heart out to Franklin the other day.  I feel like I am a “bad” Mom, and I worry too much about the to-do list.  I have to remind myself that when they get older they won’t remember how much dust was under the couch or that the dishes sat in the sink that day.  What matters most is building a beautiful relationship with my daughters and that they know I will be here to have fun, no matter what. 
I know that my girls need to learn lessons, but doing it in a way that is formative instruction, meaning I am doing in God’s way to shape and form them.  Yes, they need discipline and I will give them that, but I want them to understand why it is they need it…to be blessed, protected and loved by all.  It’s for their own good. 

My Top Ten Tuesday

In honor of my girls, it’s all about them!
1.    I love the way they laugh with each other while playing.
2.   I love how “motherly” Mabs and Ev can be with Gretch and V.
3.   I love to watch them sleep, they are so peaceful and content.
4.  I love how Mabs loves to read, she loves books.
5.  I love to watch Ev and G play babies, being little girls.
6.  I love when V dresses out in purple and says she’s a “purple girl.”
7.   I love how much they enjoy going to church on Wednesday’s and Sunday’s.  It makes my heart happy.
8.  I love hearing how well behaved they are when we are out.  (even though they save the attitudes for Mama) 
9.   I love that can be flexible and share with friends.
10.  I love how they are all different, vibrant, beautiful, God’s little girls growing into little ladies.

Just want to leave you with pics of my little chickies...oldest to youngest!




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