Thursday, June 2, 2011

I know in reality that's not a lot of time, but hey it's one of hour of not having to do anything that are normally "required" to be doing!  This time is for you only, no kids, spouses, friends, pets, etc.  Only you!

I know some would say that's easy...I'd nap or I would go workout (who really says that)!  I've been thinking about this for the last few days and have finally figured out my answer.  There are many things that I can think of, of course immediate thoughts are to tear into a  new project or get lost in crafting, but really 1hr. wouldn't cut it.  I could sit and watch a TV show, but is that really something I'd want to waste my time on.  I want to put this time to good use.  

I have decided I would use my time and just read.  I know some of you are thinking, READ!?  Really, what a waste, but honestly I don't get 1hr. of uninterrupted reading time almost ever!  Even when the girls our in bed, my hubby has questions or if the girls are at school, then Cub is wanting to play.  So this 1hr. includes ALL BY MYSELF!  I would get a few different books, a couple Bible Studies I've been trying to complete and my Bible!  How awesome that would be to devout my hour to that!  Something that is long term and will really make a difference in me, my girls, my marriage, my life!  

Which, I am know I may just be babbling, brings me to my next point about discipline!  I will talk about that next!  

In case any of you are wondering I am trying to do a bi-weekly devotional, designed for "BUSY" Moms, and a study about raising little girls. 
I highly recommend them to any busy Mamas and any Mamas of girls.

Be Still and Let Your Nail Polish dry (which I purchased at Target, b/c it looked good)
Bringing Up Girls, James Dobson

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