Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I decided it would be fun to ask the girls a list of questions and record their answers.  I questioned them all at separate times so they couldn't copy each other's answers.  
One of the questions was the same answer almost for each of them, I found it quite funny! I know we will treasure these answers as they get older.  It's something fun I encourage each of you to try with your own children.  Just think of how fun it will be to go over these answers in another 10yrs.  Just so you know I wrote them done verbatim, nothing changed them. 
Here we go:

1. When we you born?
M- August 23, 2002
E- June 29
G- June 15
V- at school (?what, I have no idea) 

2. How old are you?
M- 8
E- 6
G- 4
V- free (3)

3. Who is your Mommy?
M,E,G- Bridget
V- you are Mommy

4.  What does your Mommy do?
M- clean our house
E- make our house nice
G- help clean
V- work on the TV (I assure you I don't work on TV)

5.  Who is your Daddy?
M,E,G- Franklin
V- Daddy, he's working

6. What does Daddy do?
M,E- Flies airplanes
G- kills 3 rattlesnakes
V- roooommm, fly

7.  What is your favorite color?
M- blue
E- pink
G- a lot, except purple b/c that's Vera's.
V- PURPLE!! as she's jumping up and down

8.  What do you want to be when you grow up?
M- Vet
E- I have a lot, fly an airplane like Daddy
G- Karate girl
V- Vera...

9. What is your favorite food?
M- pizza and your chicken Alfredo
E- ribs and salad
G- macaroni and cheese
V- chocolate

10.  What food don't you like?
M- all the vegetables and ummmm broccoli
E- broccoli
G- lettuce
V- Chicken (she eats it all the time though)

11. What is your favorite animal?
M- horse, dog and a lot of other animals
E- turtle and horse
G-a lot, except the wild ones, like snakes, right Mommy
V- elephant

12.  Where do you want to live when you grown up?
M- on 20@
E- on a farm or in a mansion, I'm still deciding
G- remember Georgia, um that one house, there (we went to Blue Ridge in Dec. 2010, I guess she liked it)
V- at the zoo

13.  What do Mommy and Daddy do after you go to bed?
M-watch TV
E- take showers
G- give us kisses and hugs
V- get drinks (we don't get "drinks" like you might think, hot tea-yes)

14.  What does Daddy say to you? (maybe he needs to change things up...LOL!)
M- "get a job"
E- Ummm, go to bed
G- go to bed
V- get to bed!

15.  What does Mommy say to you?
E-Eat your dinner
G- clean your room and I love you
V- I love you!

16.  What is your favorite movie?
M- The Incredibles, Franklin and her used to watch this all the time!
E- How to Train your Dragon
G- Ant Bully
V- Dora movies

17.  Where is your favorite place to eat?
M- Luna's
E- Chili's'
G- ummm, remember that restaurant we took Grandma to, that one! (Flanigans) I love their man-n-cheese
V- at the zoo (she eats like she's at the zoo)

18.  Who is your favorite person?
M- God, my parents, sisters, cousins, aunt and uncles
E- My Mommy and Daddy, sisters and cousins
G- my parents
V- my Mommy

19.  What is your favorite book?
M- a lot
E- The Giving Tree
G- The 3 Bears
V- I like books

20. Where did your sisters come from?
M,E- Mommy
G- from you, but God actually made them
V- at Grandma's (she loves her Grandma)

21.  What is your favorite thing to do?
M- ride horses
E-fly with Daddy and spend time with my Mommy
G- go on vacation
V- play dress up with dresses and go to Grandma's

22.  If you could change your name, what would you choose?
M- Angie ( have no idea where this comes from, but I notice that's always her name when they play)
E- Bridget :)
G- Gretchy Goo
V- Princess Howe

23.  Where would you like to go on vacation?
M- The Keys, Illinois and the Springs
E- Illinois see Daddy fly and the Spring  (we will be doing both:))
G- you know the place with Mickey Mouse, I want to go there!
V- Butterfly Zoo (she means Palm Beach Zoo)

24.  If you were blowing out candles on your cake, what would be your wish?
M- to have a happy life
E- to see my cousin Gracie
G- ehhh...I want a teddy bear, I always wanted one!
V- I wish for my Grandma's house, YES I do!  She says bye-bye 

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