Thursday, September 1, 2011

Summer is over

I know it been a little while since my last entry...summer is in and out and it was like a whirlwind.  I swore I would be able to keep up with it, but at the end of the day I just didn't have it in me.  I will try better now that school is back in full swing.

Brief update on everyone...Franklin got back from Illinois mid-August which was great b/c he got home right before school started back.  He had a good season and lots of fun also.  We were all able to go up and visit him for almost a week.  The girls really enjoyed getting to see where Daddy was working.  We had some fun up there visiting the Bloomington Children's MuseumMiller Park ZooSugar Grove Nature CenterFunks Grove Maple SirupRopp Jersey Cheese and just hang out at the airport in the evening chasing fireflies.  The girls really loved going to Sugar Grove Nature Center and just running around playing, doing the zipline, climbing in the big tree and being little girls!!!  The best part of it all, it was FREE!!!!  It wasn't very far away from base either and it was something different.  
We really enjoyed our visit up there.  They even got to make new friends with Nick and Bridget's boys, Colton and Garrett.  They all had fun running around the farm!

Mabel and Evelyn went to Kids Camp at church and had lots of fun.  It was Evelyn's first year and she says she had fun, but doesn't want to go next year, I bet she changes her mind when she sees all her friends going.  (that can stay between me and you) LOL!!   While they were away at camp, G and V went out to I-town with Gma Howe.  While they were out there I painted G's room, their bathroom and then upstairs M and E's accent wall and their bathroom.  I got a lot accomplished, my Dad even came and helped me out one day!!!   Once they were home from camp it was time to get all their school shopping done. Grandma's helped out with that and that was such a blessing.  My girls are so lucky to have such amazing Grandparents who love them so much!  

School started on Aug. 15 and G was going into Kindergarten!  The girls were very excited and so far have been enjoying their teachers and getting to make new friends and see their old friends.  I am Room Mom for G's class, which means help by sending in special Friday snacks and such.  I would like to start working in there on Wednesday's come next week.  I am looking forward to that too.  We are going to work hard, do lots of reading and have fun.  Mabel went out for Volleyball at the YMCA and Evelyn and G are going to do soccer, so are weeks will be filled up!!!  I am excited for them to do something different!   Vera started a new school and has mixed feelings about it.  It's not what we got so use to, but change happens.  It's much closer to our home and that's a big deal.

I leave you with a slide show of our trip to Illinois!!!  Enjoy!!!  

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