Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Top 10 Tuesday, Favorite Websites

This week I am going to share with you my Top 10 Favorite websites.  I know, who has 10!  Well if you are like me and love finding new things, trying new things, drooling over photos, etc…then I do!!

I just wish I could do everything that I find on these sites.  I don’t necessarily look them everyday, but often enough!

TOP 10 {FAVORITE} websites

  1. Pinterest, if you haven't been on there you are MISSING out!  Let me know and I will invite into the coolest site ever!  Keeps track of things you like, crafts, hair, fashion, house ideas, holidays, anything and everything you can think of!
  2. Pioneer Woman, so many good ideas and great pictures, don't care if she's real or fake...I love the site!
  3. who doesn't go on here?!  hello social media world
  4. Such a fun place for ideas on crafting, decorating, etc., fun site!
  5. Little Birdie Secrets
  6. Free Pretty things for you, and who doesn't love the word free!!
  7. iheartfaces, FUN photography board
  8. another Fun photo board, gotta be a member
  9. I love to drool over these things, just need a $$$ tree to afford it.
  10. Food Network, I love watching their network and finding new things to make!!!

1 comment:

Malisa said...

Many of the websites you listed are my favorites too! What a fun top ten list. :-)