Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Update about life in general...

Well I figure it’s about time for an update.  We made the switch to home school and haven’t looked back since.  We’ve been having so much fun with it; it hasn’t left me time to update you all.  (all 1 of you maybe reading, LOL) 

Evelyn wakes up eager every morning now to do school.  We are on week 3 and the chipperness is still there.  It’s awesome, and I kick myself for not doing it sooner for her.  She’s become a happier little girl overall.  She is amazed at how quickly we are able to finish our work, we don’t have to sit at a desk for 6 hours, LOVE it!!!  Usually in about 2 hours time, sometimes more, sometimes less and we are done!  We are learning about stuff she wants to learn about, which keeps her attention.  She has asked if we could do some more bible stories, which is awesome.  I just have to find something that we can do that with.  Franklin wants to get them the action Bible for Christmas, so that will be a great fun way to learn for both of us too!!

Evelyn looking for Spiders and webs after we learned about them from an awesome book, she loved it. I encourage you to check it out from the libray.  

Look at the hairy legs, which we learned all spiders have to help them sense vibration in the web.  

 Just a cool orb web we found in the cypress tree.  

Mabel and Gretchen are doing well in school, neither one mind still going.  They understand that next year they will be given the option and it will be up to them.  I know Mabel will have a lot of thinking to do, b/c she could be up for safety patrol.  Gretch, I think will pick home school and I will be so excited to teach her too. 

Vera is attending preschool two days a week with the best preschool teacher EVER!!!  Mrs. Natalie is such a blessing in our lives.  She has made my Gretch and Vera love going to school and having fun.  She’s always cheerful and excited to see all my girls.  We’d be very sad if we didn’t have a teacher like Mrs. Natalie, we just LOVE her!!!  (probably more than she will ever know)  Immanuel Lutheran preschool, in Palm City is the best!!! 

As far as life for the hubby and I, all is well can’t complain.  I am really enjoying being Evelyn’s teacher, especially when she tells me that I am the best teacher she’s ever had! ;)  Love that!!!  I knew when I decided to take this endeavor on that it would be a challenge, but so far it’s been great.  I have enjoyed our weekly library trips, reading lots of books, attending the YMCA for home school swim days on Tuesday, the freedom of being able to teach her what I think is important and making it fun for her.  I love the one on one time with her and getting to see her happy and excited to learn! A friend of mine, Jill Feck, told me it's a lot like being a Mom, there are great days and then their are days when you just need a break.  I love that and thought to myself, those will be my "teacher work days!"

Franklin is staying busy with work and just got done with the turkey dinners for Thanksgiving.  He’s been involved with a group that has been smokin’ turkeys for families out in Indiantown, since 1986.  (Yes, he was young) Every year it’s gotten bigger and bigger.  This year I was finally able to bring the girls out to help and it was awesome to see them jumping in to help strip the meat of the bird, washing dishes or handing out trays in the food line.  It’s a great way for them to participate in giving back.  Looking forward to doing it every year now.

Time to gear up our house, spirits and minds for Christmas.  I want to focus on teaching the girls the real reason about Christmas, reinforcing what we learned last year.  It’s not about the gifts; it’s about how he was sent down here to because God was showing his great love for us.  It can be a time of healing and renewing strength.  We celebrate Christmas because he was born, God send his son, Jesus, into the world to bring great joy to all.  I just pray that the girls will learn more and more about this ever year and appreciate what he’s done for us.  (And I know they are younger and will get caught up in the presents and such, but if they just understand it a little more every year, then that’s awesome)!


Anonymous said...

So glad to find your blog:) Your photos are amazing! Best wishes on your homeschool journey- it sounds like you are off to an amazing start. We are relaxed homeschoolers who love learning and the freedom to follow our interests.

Tammy Werthem said...

so very proud of you for taking the risk to homeschool. Also proud of you for how you are stepping into relationships!
We also ordered the ACTION bible, Jacob's idea...great minds:) think alike.
i love your post today and love your heart for your family!