Monday, November 7, 2011

New things happening around here....

Well you’ve all read that I was thinking about going back into teaching, either classroom or virtual.  I feel like God was trying to get a message across to me and I was thinking I needed to work for the income.  As nice as that would be, Franklin does not want me to get a job.  He says my job is here at home, now don’t get all bent out of shape… It’s a very sweet way of telling me, he doesn’t want anyone else raising our girls and everything that I do around here couldn’t be done if I had a J-O-B! 
Okay, wandered off topic…back on track!  Well I have been dealing a lot with Evelyn’s struggles, which I have not shared a lot of and won’t go into details.  I believe that God was softening my heart to become my daughter’s teacher.  I am going to pulling Evelyn out of school in the near future and homeschooling her. 
We feel it is the best decision for her personal development, self-esteem, growth and education right now.  I am really excited, and would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous, but I know through faithful prayers we will make it fun and see her grow.  She is such a sweet little girl who has begged to be homeschooled since K.  It has nothing to do with teachers, she just doesn’t learn by overload of worksheets.  I intend to make her learning style more fun, eclectic, and educational all in one. 
As far as the rest of the girlies, they are going to stay in school for the rest of the year. Who knows what will happen, but for now I want to focus on building Evelyn up and getting her feeling better about herself.  I know I can’t “fix” her, but I can let her know how much God loves her and teach her about relationships and glorifying God and still learn too!  I am sure I will share lots more as we dive into things, but to start off we are just going to do a lot of reading!  Picking subjects that interest her the most, things that keep her attention.   
This morning I turned to my Bible just for something encouraging and guess which verse God chose for me to read:

"We can make our own plans, but the Lord gives the right answer."
Proverbs 16

The focus of the elementary years is to foster, grow and develop a child’s innate appetite for learning and life.

This article was very insightful…

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Theresa said...

yay! i am so excited for you and Evelyn and I can't wait to read more about your journey!

My daughter, Allie, sounds a lot like Evelyn...very sweet, but school just didn't work for her and her self esteem suffered. Homeschooling has been wonderful for us and I pray that it is for you as well!