Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Fun with pumpkins!

Our annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch, 2011.
We went right after church on Sunday, b/c we had been rained out the previous evenings.  I it all planned to go in the evening, the golden hour, and had all their outfits planned.  Well, it all changed on a whim…oh well you can’t win them all. I didn't want to go when the sun was so bright and high, sigh....

We found some huge pumpkins this year, also with huge price tags…so instead we just some pictures with them.  

Love all the gourds…so beautiful for table accents for the holidays! 

They each got to pick a wee-be-little pumpkin and a gourd.  That was in our budget.  (Shhh, don’t tell, but I bought our pumpkin at Publix this year for $5.99)

The girls had fun picking their little treasures.  I love that they all cooperated for the picture!  Sometimes that can be challenging, and I can break out into a sweat,  glistening!  If you are a Mom always trying to get those great photographs you understand.  

This is one of the photos that only a mother gets and loves.  Something I will cherish forever.  I love the look on Evelyn’s face as she’s wiping her gooey hand on Mabs.  

Even though this one is not focused that great, it’s another one of those…she was reaching in for the first time and was surprised at how “weird” it felt. 

Evelyn getting into the seeds, she’s not afraid of a whole lot these days.  She loves getting outside and experiencing life and all it has to offer.

My sweet Mabel, such a hard worker and follows through on her tasks…we’d be lost without her dedication!!!  And, I couldn’t have been more blessed with such a handsome, loving, hard-working, go-getter hubby!!!  He makes me so happy, most of the time. haha

She’s got the pan of seeds ready to bake in the oven and then munch on while watching ZooKeeper on a lazy Sunday afternoon!  

Hope you all had a fun, safe Happy Halloween!!
The Howe’s

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Julie Jordan Scott said...

I had a blast with pumpkin carving, too, this year. Did it twice: once in Massachusetts with my eldest (sophomore in college) daughter. Then again, home in California, with my younger children.

This is only my second Thankful Thursday... great to visit your blog!

If you would like to visit my Thankful Thursday post, please Visit here!

Theresa said...

I don't know if you got my other comments or blogger is acting up...your girls are beautiful! I am so happy that you linked up! I am so happy to find your blog!

Three Thinking Mothers said...

I'm laughing so hard because guess what? I got my pumpkin at Publix for $5.99, too!! It was just so easy to get it while I was grocery shopping.

I love all of your photos. You have beautiful girls!

Thanks for linking with us!!


Anonymous said...

Love your photos:) You have a beautiful family! I'm the oldest of four girls. We had so much fun together growing up- your post reminded me of that. Thanks!

Sennie said...

Looks like so much fun! We didn't go this year.

Bridget said...

THANK YOU for all the nice comments!!!