Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lent...what it is to me!

Lent: Lent is the span of time in the church calendar that starts with Ash Wednesday and ends with Easter Sunday. Ash Wednesday commemorates the beginning of Jesus’ 40-day fasting and temptation in the desert, and Easter Sunday commemorates Jesus’ resurrection from the grave after his crucifixion.

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Also a great way to relate it to kids:

Growing up Catholic my family practiced Lent.  We would each pick something to give up for those forty days and we were also not allowed to eat meat on Friday’s.  I can remember giving up sweets, chocolate, my brother’s chips or sausage.  My parents always picked something too…I remember one year my Mom giving up coffee, I could never!  I just developed the taste for it after 32 years, not giving it up just yet!  LOL!! 

After we got married we started going to the Baptist church my husband had attended a good portion of his youth years.  They didn’t/don’t do Lent like I was accustomed to.  I remember for a long while thinking I don’t have to do it anymore, sorry you guys are giving stuff up!  What a na├»ve concept on my part.  It doesn’t matter what if you are Catholic or not, all Christians can benefit from it. 

So, for the last few years I’ve picked something to give up…never really going much further than that, not until the last year.  I know it is so much more than just giving something up for those forty days.  It should be something you invest in and get something out of, growth in your walk.   We are given this time as a special opportunity to grow in our relationship with God. 
I encourage you to spend the next 40 days preparing your heart to receive with thanks the gift that Jesus gave by dying on the cross for our sins. 

I came across this podcast, offering a daily cast to go through the next 40 days…if you are into that kind of thing!! They are from England, but it’s pretty good!

So in addition to giving up chocolate candy this Lent, I am also going to make a commitment to exercise, P90X, at least 4 days a week and stick to Weight Watchers.  Also, I will be in God’s word daily to stop and breathe, reflect and re-orientate around Jesus. 

Lord, I ask that you can work in my heart over these next 40 days to speak up for your truths to people in darkness.  Give me the courage, I know that God gives my life light and I want to spread it around to people in the dark. 

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