Friday, May 27, 2011

Prasie God!!! Michael is Home!!!!!

Last night we were sitting over our friends house, the Reddick's, for Life Group. (bible study) We go there every week with 3 other couples. We've been praying every week for Michael to come home safely and very soon! Well last night our prayers were answered. Karen lives in the same neighborhood and came and knocked on the door. I went out to say hello and she told me Michael is home! I started crying tears of was the most awesome news ever!! We are so happy for them to be together again as a family.
It is the most memorable Memorial Day ever now! We can't wait to see them, hopefully in Atlanta in a couple weeks! Can't wait!!!
I will be getting pictures when we are with them in Atlanta soon, but for now this one is from our "Christmas" in September 2010.  We did Christmas early b/c Michael was going to be leaving!

This picture was taken from my brother's facebook page...he was on his way home!!

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